7/6 Vozdvijenka, Moscow. E-mail: yogastudio7.6@gmail.com

Our studio was established in 1997. Before that our teachers used to give yoga classes in different locations starting from 1994 in the Theater of the Movie Actors on Povarskaya street where Larissa, the founder of our Studio, worked as an actress.

Since then, we have moved several times. From the theater, we moved to a room in a college and later on to yet another theatre - the Theater Near Stanislavsky's House - where we were up until spring 2002, when the building was demolished.

In May 2002 we expanded into our current location where we have two beautiful and fully equipped rooms - the Surya and Chandra studios (Sun and Moon). Our facilities also include female and male changing rooms, bathrooms and showers.

Before opening our new location, we sent the architectural design of the studio for the personal approval of Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar and we were honored to receive the permission to use Mr Iyengar's name as part of the official name of our studio.


The studio is located at 7/6 Vozdvijenka, Moscow, in a few minutes walking distance from Arbatskaya, Borovitskay, Biblioteka imeni Lenina and Alexandrovsky Sad metro stations.

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