7/6 Vozdvijenka, Moscow. E-mail: yogastudio7.6@gmail.com
Class type Number of classes Price of admission in rubles Validity and restrictions
Regular practice1 class700n/a
4 classes2000one month
8 classes3200one month
16 classes5600two months
Children's class1 class200n/a
Specific needs class1 class1000n/a
Seniors and special fees classes1 class350n/a
4 classes1200one month (to be used for these classes only)
8 classes1800one month (to be used for these classes only)

Please note that all multiple admission passes for regular practice classes can be used for admission to any class currently scheduled at the Studio except for the specific needs class and the women's class.

The validity of the multiple admission pass cannot be extended even if you have failed to attend the number of classes covered by your pass.

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